Massage in Helsinki

Massage in Helsinki Massage in Helsinki blind professional masseur

I am a blind professional masseur. Come and relax safely in expert hands.


I am Heikki Lämsä, alias Don Max, a blind masseur. I have been a legally registered masseur
since 1998.

Massage is a traditional way of treating the body and one of the most
common treatments for musculoskeletal problems. Massage is suitable for
sustaining an athlete’s muscular fitness as well as the average person’s
working and operational capability, for the treatment and prevention/reduction of pain.

Different kinds of aches and pains; rigid muscles, cramps, paresthesia of
hands or fingers etc. are often a sign of an excessive strain and/or faulty
posture. Unbalanced training and/or bad ergonomics may cause problems that
will demand treatment.

In order to maintain a balanced, functioning body with proper posture you
need exercise, rest/relaxation and massage.

My massage practice, in the heart of Helsinki is designed with your holistic
well-being in mind. The gentle trickle of the water fountain will likely lull you to sleep and
you will feel the healing powers in the colours of the decor.

Massage Treatments

Neck and shoulder massage

Treating muscles of the upper back and the neck-shoulder area. This soothing treatment is a perfect first aid for an acute problem.

Neck and back massage 30 min. 52 €

Neck and shoulder massage in Helsinki

Neck and shoulder massage

Back massage

This treatment covers the muscles in the back and the neck-shoulder area and is perfect for a sore back or shoulders.

Back massage  45 min. 60 €

Back massage in Helsinki

Back massage

Half body massage

Treating back, upper limbs and the neck-shoulder area. Alternatively, massaging legs and lower back. This treatment is recommended for when your body feels stiff.

Half body massage 60 min. 74 €

Half body massage in Helsinki

Half body massage

Full body massage

The right choice for when you are feeling stiff allover, but not sure about the cause of the problem. Usually the source of the pain or stiffness gets resolved and we can go into its treatment during your visit.

Full body massage  90 min. 93 €

Full body massage in Helsinki

Full body massage Helsinki


A relaxing and lighter massage that also cherishes your mind. The massaging oil is mixed with essential oils, and depending upon the choice of oil used, the massage will have either a refreshing, relaxing, stress-relieving, uplifting or recovering effect. i.e, for example swelling and/or liquid-reduction.

Aromatherapy  90 min. 95 €

Aromatherapy in Helsinki


Massage prices

  • Neck and back massage 30 min. 52 €
  • Back massage  45 min. 60 €
  • Half body massage 60 min. 74 €
  • Full body massage  90 min. 93 €
  • Aromatherapy  90 min. 95 €

Gift voucher for massage

We have a variety of gift vouchers, simply ask for details.

Gift vouchers for massage Helsinki

Gift vouchers for massage


Appointments can be made via text message or e-mail only.
Please send a message with your name as a text message or whatsapp to the mobile telephone number: 040 703 0445 or send an email to: and we will contact you in the evening. We respect our clients and therefore do not answer the phone in the daytime, during massage treatments.

Don Max is located about one kilometer from the Kamppi shopping center.  Situated at street level on
the corner of Hietalandenkatu and Ruoholahdenkatu.
Coming by public transport is easy, simply take tram 7 or 9 and jump off at the stop called ”Ruoholahden villat”.